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Quality and savings mean a lot to you, and it means a lot to us as well. At Carpets By Martin we carefully select our flooring products and our installation crews to guarantee the right balance of quality and price. Very often, we will find multiple products of the same level of quality all with different price points. We carefully select and sell those that carry the lowest price and the most attractive styles while maintaining a high-level of quality. Our carpet warehouse is full of all types of flooring including printed carpet, Berber carpet, trackless carpet, shag carpet, commercial carpets, indoor and outdoor carpet. We carry any type of carpet fiber on the market. Please call us and arrange an appointment to give your home a new look. Installation is a key part of your flooring purchase. Our installers are trained and experienced. We take up your material and haul it away. Our installers always power stretch the carpet for the tightest fit and leave your home looking like a show house.
We believe when buying flooring, there are three things to always consider:
1.Look for very tightly woven yarn in your carpet
2.Only accept at least a 6lb pad under your carpet
3.Ensure that it is power stretched during installation as this will prevent your carpet from wrinkling over the years of wear
When you purchase a high quality carpet, the important aspect is not how long the carpet will last before wearing out. It really is about how long it will look good on your floor. Most people will replace the carpet for decorating purposes long before it actually wears out.
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